Dr Holden Retirement Letter

Our founder and former owner, Dr. Richard Hough recounts the story of how it all began

Celebrating 50 years"When the first hospital was opened July 1960, it occupied a rehabbed woodshed. Water was brought to this facility in a one gallon jug. Office hours were held in the evening after farm calls were completed. The patients seen were approximately one third pet dogs and cats, one third farm dogs, and one third hunting dogs. The community here in Western Howard County was rural. Mount Airy was very small and had only one stoplight.

The first veterinary hospital was located on the farm where I grew up and worked. My home was a new trailer located behind the woodshed. My wife was a school teacher and my mother was our receptionist the first year. Our telephone number was 549W. The telephone system was staffed by telephone company operators who occasionally took our calls when my mother wasn't available. My wife retired from school teaching the second year and became our receptionist, lab technician, assistant surgeon and bookkeeper.

Dog and Cat on BedOur Canine & Feline Early Detection Packages are specially designed to give your dog and cat the best care possible for their stage of life. While annual heartworm and parasite testing are the standard of care nationwide, veterinarians are increasingly recognizing the importance of regular urine and blood testing, as "healthy" dogs and cats often hide the clinical signs of disease. Our packages allow us to identify and treat problems before they become serious.

Adult Dog Package

Evaluates major organ functions, checks for hidden infections, screens for the presence of heartworm, tick borne diseases, and common intestinal parasites, as well as precursors for chronic diseases.